Update to page on international news sites

I have made some changes to the page on “International news sites on Taiwan.” It was getting difficult to keep updating the page with the date of the latest article on Taiwan. Instead, I have kept a list of news sites with links to articles on Taiwan. Some are links to pages that are dedicated to Taiwan, usually curated through tags. Some are links to search pages, which may pull more articles than relying on tags because whole articles are searched. In this case, articles not entirely about Taiwan will probably come up. I have also added links to rss feeds when available. The rss feeds are great because they neatly list the articles and can be followed through rss readers.

The majority of the news sources are in English, but come from different countries. Some news sources are in a language other than English. I hope to add more news sources in more languages. If you have any input, let me know!


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