Why I carry a sun umbrella

Sun umbrella, or parasol, whatever the name, it is a portable shade against the sun. Mine also withstands rain so I am protected no matter what the weather. It is better than a hat because it provides coverage to my arms and neck. It also does not interfere with my hairstyle du jour. My sun umbrella is UPF rated so I know it protects me from UV radiation.

It may lead to jokes about the lack of rain. People might find it silly. Being Asian, there is a stereotype about wanting to stay pale. Yes, there is a traditional cultural association between wealth, beauty, and pale skin in Asian societies. But, I really want to prevent another sunburn because any sunburn is one too many. My sun umbrella is my first line of defense against the sun. I also wear sunscreen.

I am not fond of the hot stinging sensation of the sun’s rays on my skin. I feel the sun is hotter and brighter year after year. My portable shade keeps me cool and stops the bright light from stinging my eyes. So if you see me out and about when the sun is shining during the spring and summer months, you will see me carrying a sun umbrella. I am like the ladies in Taiwan holding umbrellas in the sun, just keeping themselves cool in the heat.


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