News about Taiwan

“Gov. Steve Beshear to visit Taiwan to promote Kentucky’s bourbon industry” [May 11, 2012; The Courier-Journal]
I did not know that Kentucky and Taiwan were sister-states. The governor of Kentucky is going to Taiwan and Japan to encourage trade.

“Indonesia can benefit from Taiwan’s economy” [May 11, 2012; The Jakarta Post]
An argument for Indonesia to increase economic ties with Taiwan. It will be beneficial for both countries to increase investment and trade.

“US names career diplomat Marut to Taiwan office” [May 08, 2012; Associated Press]
Christopher Marut will head the American Institute in Taiwan come August. He has experience in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

“Louis Vuitton Opens Maison in Taipei 101” [May 04, 2012; Women’s Wear Daily]
A week after the Burberry opening, another luxury brand opens a store in Taipei. Louis Vuitton has a poetic description on its site.

“House of Deréon to open in Taiwan” [May 05, 2012; Drapers]
The clothing brand by Beyoncé will open a store in Taiwan in June. It looks like American and European fashion brands are opening stores at a fast rate in Taiwan. Strange – I want all the Asian fashions to reach the U.S. Thank goodness for the upcoming Uniqlo store in SF!


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