Preserved eggs: 皮蛋 and 鹹蛋

There are different ways to preserve eggs. 皮蛋 and 鹹蛋 are two specific ones. 皮蛋 is egg that has been exposed to chemicals. The egg white turns a see-through black. It has the texture of jello. The egg yolk turns a gooey grey-green. It has an unique taste that cannot be compared. 鹹蛋 is extremely salty egg. The egg white stays white, but has a different texture. It is not as bouncy as a regular hard-boiled egg. The egg yolk is extremely yellow, almost orange. The taste is extremely salty. I really like 皮蛋. Both eggs can be found in the Asian supermarket. I like to eat both with rice porridge. I also like to eat 皮蛋 on its own, with some soy sauce paste. I’m used to 鹹蛋 being duck eggs, but I think the ones I found were chicken eggs.

鹹蛋 does not look different from a regular egg on the outside.

It looks pretty much like a regular hard boiled egg.

Until it is cut in half and the yolk is definitely darker than that of a regular hard boiled egg. The egg yolk is also a different texture. The yolk is really dry. This tastes really good with porridge since the rice has no seasoning and the egg is really salty.

皮蛋 looks different from the get-go. The shell has a grey hue with black dots.

When it is peeled, the egg feels like jello. And it’s black!

The completely peeled egg is rather pretty.

The egg yolk is mushy and gooey. There’s some remnant of yellow, but it is mostly a dark grey to black color.

My favorite (and probably the simplest) way to eat 皮蛋 is with some soy paste. Other ways of eating include adding it to porridge.


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