News about Taiwan

It seemed like a slow news cycle, but then a bunch of stories showed up at the end of the week. There’s a lot of news here!

“Michael Kors Fetes New Store in Taiwan With Fashion Show” [; May 21, 2012]
It feels like Taipei 101 is hosting a new store opening each week. I guess it must be getting some business. But the typical Taiwanese cannot afford any of the products sold in the stores there.

“Thousands gather to protest as Taiwan’s president sworn in” [Associated Press via; May 19, 2012]
Ma was elected based on his China policy. That was just one of his policies. The decisions he made right before the start of his second term has angered people. I hope people remember their anger in four years.

“US House of Representatives mandates Taiwan F-16 sale” [Flight International via; May 18, 2012]
A bill containing a mandate to sell F-16s to Taiwan has passed in the House. It does not seem likely that it will pass in the Senate, but at least it is moving forward.

“Taiwan Government Information Office Closes its Doors” [Voice of America; May 18, 2012]
A very thorough article about the Government Information Office and the role it had in Taiwan’s history. Even though Taiwan is a thriving democracy now, it was not always the case. It is easy to forget that Taiwan has a recent history of media censorship.

“Taiwan president fined for Facebook post” [Financial Times via; May 17, 2012]
It cannot be a good sign to start a second term with a fine. It is illegal for candidates to campaign on election day in Taiwan. However, Ma made a Facebook post that day on his campaign page.

“Stop Ignoring Taiwan” [Foreign Policy; May 17, 2012]
A convincing argument for the U.S. to renew its ties with Taiwan especially with the current rise of China. It is true that with the U.S. focusing more on China, policies regarding Taiwan have fallen by the wayside. These deficiencies need to be fixed to prevent any future issues.


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