News about Taiwan

I’m behind in my news posts, so these are from a couple of weeks ago.

“Once-Improbable Sports Success Fuels Even Bigger Dreams In Taipei” [; June 18, 2012]
Exploring the decrease of Taiwan’s pollution and the role Taiwan will play as the host of the 2017 Universiade. The link to the Chinese language version of this article is in simplified characters.

“Taiwan diplomat: China unlikely to democratize soon” [Washington Times; June 19, 2012]
Taiwan’s Deputy Foreign Minister does not think China will become democratic within the next two decades.

“Taiwan Journal, Part XI” [National Review; June 25, 2012]
Jay Nordlinger went to Taiwan and posted daily thoughts. He covered history, modern politics, identity, destinations, media, and little tidbits from Taipei. I think the posts are a great introduction to Taiwan, the political situation on the island, and the different opinions of people in Taiwan.

“The Mona Lisa of the East” [; June 26, 2012]
A travel essay about the National Palace Museum by a visitor sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Board.

“Can Taiwan Be a “Worthy” U.S. Ally?” [The Diplomat; June 27, 2012]
Taiwan’s place in the shift in interest to Asia by the U.S.


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