News about Taiwan

“An Open Letter to Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou” [Huffington Post; July 20, 2012]
A letter regarding the treatment of former President Chen in prison.

“The World’s Weird Wonders: Discover the Yehliu Geopark” [; July 20, 2012]
A description of a trip to 野柳地質公園, including the various rock formations at this natural wonder on the cost of Taiwan.

“US, Taiwan sign letter for $3.7 bln F-16 upgrade deal-source” [; July 13, 2012]
“Lockheed, Taiwan agree in memo on retrofitting of F-16s” [; July 13, 2012]
Two articles showed up regarding Taiwan and F-16s. Both articles mention a memo between Taiwan and Lockheed.

“Taipei’s Museum Of Contemporary Art Offers A Voyage Into The Bizarre” [Huffington Post; July 12, 2012]
A visit to Taipei’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

“Card states Taiwanese as nationality” [The Japan Times; July 10, 2012]
Japan has issued a new residence card system. Taiwanese is now a choice for nationality.

“Taiwan: will Macau’s magic rub off?” [; July 09, 2012]
Residents of 馬祖 have voted to allow casinos to be built on the island. The hope is to bring in more tourism.


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