News about Taiwan

“Taiwan’s Progress on Health Care” [; July 27, 2012]
An overview of the good and the bad of the healthcare system in Taiwan.

“London 2012: Taiwan compete reluctantly under flag of convenience” [; July 30, 2012]
“Chinese Taipei and the Olympic spirit” [; August 02, 2012]
Two articles that explore Taiwan and the Olympics.

“Consider Taiwan’s dilemma” [Korea JoongAng Daily; August 07, 2012]
A viewpoint on Taiwan and its recent political history.

“Taiwan’s Fading Chinese Identity” [ translated from Le Monde; August 10, 2012]
A good article about the Taiwanese identity with the London Olympics as a background.

“Chinese Taipei wins 2012 Bronco World Series title” [; August 10, 2012]
It’s the season for youth baseball championships once again. The team from Taiwan competing in the Bronco World Series won the championship. The Little League World Series will be starting on August 16, 2012. Taiwan won the Asian-Pacific division and will be competing.


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