Uniqlo pop-up now open in San Francisco

An Uniqlo pop-up store has opened in San Francisco! Here is the press release from the Uniqlo website. The store opened on August 9, 2012 and will continue until the end of September when the Uniqlo flagship store opens. The pop-up store is at 117 Post Street. It’s closer to Montgomery than Union Square.

Since the store is only a pop-up store, it is rather small. There is only one floor. I saw extra-fine merino sweaters, premium down ultra light jackets, and UT T-shirts. There was also some jeans and flannel check shirts. The main lines available at the pop-up store are from the fall collection. I think it’s great introduction for people who do not know Uniqlo’s lines and style. However, I cannot wait for the flagship store to open so I can shop all the available styles!

There were store employees handing out flyers about the Uniqlo pop-up store and the flagship opening. The employees were in front of the pop-up store and across the street from the future flagship store on Powell Street.

The pop-up store also had lookbooks with clothing from the fall 2012 collection. The pieces look great! I really like the colors. I really like the map at the end of lookbook.


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