News about Taiwan

The majority of the news at the end of August was dominated by Typhoon Tembin that crossed Taiwan twice.

“Little Islands Are Big Trouble In The South China Sea” [; September 07, 2012]
Another hot topic in the news is about the disputed islands in the South China Sea. Many countries are part of these island disputes. This report from NPR is summarizes the situation well. The map really helps!

“Savoring Taipei’s Food Scene” [NY Times; September 02, 2012]
A report on the food in Taipei. The article focuses on 鼎泰豐 and 永康街.

“Report: Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to visit Taiwan” [AP via; September 02, 2012]
A report is out that 陳光誠, now residing in New York, will visit Taiwan next year.

“Taiwan Struggles to Save Indigenous Languages” [Voice of America; August 20, 2012]
An article about the race to preserve language of the aboriginal people of Taiwan.

“Taiwan VP US Trip Tests Diplomatic Truce” [Voice of America; August 15, 2012]
An exploration of previous trips of Taiwanese leaders to the United States.


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