News about Taiwan

“Gottlieb: Protect Taiwan’s Free Press From Beijing’s Encroachment” [; October 5, 2012]
An excellent opinion piece about the influence of China on Taiwanese media. The opinion piece also describes the current situation regarding Want Want and China Network Systems. The author suggests that the U.S. needs to address this threat as it asserts itself in East Asia.

“America Needs a Taiwan Strategy” [; October 05, 2012]
A very good article regarding the lack of a Taiwan strategy from Washington. Taiwan and Beijing have different definitions of the status quo. Washington’s definition is rather ambiguous. I agree with the authors that with the increase presence of the U.S. in Asia, the U.S. needs to come up with definite policy.

“Taiwanese people want fish for the future” [; October 03, 2012]
A post by Greenpeace about an event and study in Taiwan.

“US Waives Visa Requirements for Taiwanese” [Voice of America; October 03, 2012]
This is one of many articles about the change to visa-free travel for Taiwanese visitors to the United States. Starting November 01, 2012, Taiwanese visitors will be able to stay in the U.S. without a visa for up to 90 days.

“Taiwan’s noise pollution dilemma” [BBC; October 02, 2012]
Noise pollution is part of life in the major cities in Taiwan. The morning can be worse than other times: city garbage trucks, scooters starting, and barking dogs.

“In urban Taiwan, indoor shrimp fishing is booming” [; October 01, 2012]
A story about indoor shrimp fishing. From the title, I thought it was about the shrimp fishing games in most night markets. It is about much bigger and dedicated locations, with a pool containing fish.

“Lockheed Martin Awarded Upgrade Contract For 145 F-16s Of The Republic Of China Air Force” [; October 01, 2012]
A press release by Lockheed Martin about its role in the upgrade of F-16A/B aircraft for Taiwan.


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