NTDTV 經典天下 episode 台灣小吃米食篇 – 碗粿與肉圓

The 新唐人電視台 (New Tang Dynasty Television) show 經典天下 (The World of Classics) recently released an episode titled 台灣小吃米食篇 – 碗粿與肉圓. The episode focuses on rice in Taiwan and two uniquely Taiwanese dishes based on rice: 碗粿 (meaning bowl rice cake, and pronounced like “wah gu-ay” in Taiwanese) and 肉圓 (meaning meatball, and pronounced like “bah wuan” in Taiwanese). The video is mostly in Mandarin with some Taiwanese. There are Chinese and English subtitles.

I really liked the history lesson in the introduction. There is an explanation about the beginning of rice cultivation in Taiwan. I also liked the evolution of the characters 米 and 稻.

It looks like this may be part of a series of episodes on 台灣小吃. There’s at least one other episode that will be broadcast. I’ll keep track of the episodes and post new ones.


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