News about Taiwan

“Ma the bumbler: A former heart-throb loses his shine” [The Economist; November 17, 2012]
A very well written article regarding the second term of Ma’s presidency. It is not going well and people are dissatisfied with his decisions.

“China, Taiwan extend olive branches after Xi’s promotion” [; November 15, 2012]
馬主席電賀 盼創造更多「紅利」 [; November 16, 2012]
I wanted to find out exactly what 馬英九 really meant by “Chinese nation” that was cited in the Reuters article as a quote from Xinhua. The article from UDN does not have a direct quote, but claims that 習近平 used the term 中華民族. Based on my reading of these two articles, it seems that the quote is being attributed to both people. It is very odd.

“Taiwan Stocks Tumble at Fastest Pace on Record Valuations” [; November 12, 2012]
Taiwan stocks respond to a slowing economy and less than estimated profits.

“Ang Lee Opens Film Studio, ‘Life of Pi’ in His Native Taiwan” [; November 11, 2012]
李安 and Rhythm & Hues Studios will open the R&H Visual Effects Center in Taiwan and a cloud computing facility in 高雄.

“Trade deal with Taiwan could produce ‘real’ advantages” [; November 09, 2012]
A former head of the European economic and trade office in Taipei suggests that it is time for the European Union to sign a free trade agreement with Taiwan.

“FedEx Express launches new Taipei route” [Air Cargo World; November 09, 2012]
FedEx expands coverage in Taiwan and extends the cutoff time for packages.

“Taiwan’s Golden Horse Filmfest Invites Controversy With Chinese Host” [; November 06, 2012]
A history of the 金馬獎 and the lack of Taiwanese hosts this year.

“Jason Wu Speaks to Students in Taipei” [; November 04, 2012]
Jason Wu returned to Taiwan and took some time to speak to design students.


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