News about Taiwan

“Everybody Go Surfing, Surfing Jialeshui” [; November 22, 2012]
The beaches in southern Taiwan are becoming a destination for surfers.

“Taiwan’s Next Media Group Sale Sparks Censorship Fears” [Voice of America; November 27, 2012]
The increase of China-based media in Taiwan is very disconcerting. This issue has lead to student protests and citizen concern.

“Made in Taiwan: a food tour of Taipei” [; December 01, 2012]
The author visited Taiwan on a press trip and wrote about various eats. Addresses are included.

“Fast-growing Hawaiian Airlines to add Taiwan flights” [; December 03, 2012]
Starting July 2013, Hawaiian Airlines will have a Taipei to Honolulu route. This is good news for tourists from either place.

“Taiwan minister vows to reinvigorate TV drama industry to counter China, SKorea competition” [; December 06, 2012]
Hopefully this works out. I miss the days of good Taiwanese dramas and am pretty disappointed with the number of Taiwanese actors and actresses going to China. The previous generation of actors and actresses were talented and well trained; it seems that current artists are picked based on looks rather than ability.


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