News about Taiwan

“Nintendo Got A Pop Group To Push The 3DS In Taiwan” [; December 31, 2012]
Nintendo have hired S.H.E for commercials for the Nintendo 3DS. I really like Hebe’s Mario outfit!

“As Taiwan’s Links With Mainland Grow, So Do Concerns” [International Herald Tribune; January 01, 2013]
“Hints of Taiwan Leading the Way on Same-Sex Marriage in Asia” [International Herald Tribune; January 06, 2013]
Two articles from the International Herald Tribune on two social issues in Taiwan.

“Taiwan’s Top Winter Comfort Foods” [; January 01, 2013]
My favorite are 麻油雞 and 紅豆湯, both of which can also be made at home.

“Three Ways Taiwan Is Saving the World” [; January 04, 2013]
Three things that are typical in Taiwan, but making a difference to the environment.

“Taiwan’s Hualien specialties” [; January 05, 2013]
“Natural attractions of Taiwan” [; January 05, 2013]
Two articles from Malaysia about travel in Taiwan.


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