News about Taiwan

“Japan turns back Taiwan boat from islands” [UPI; January 25, 2013]
“Taiwan And Japan In Water Cannon Sea Skirmish” [Sky News; January 24, 2013]
Activists from Taiwan entered the waters of the Diaoyutai Islands and were met by the Japanese coast guard. The Japanese coast guard fired water on the activists. The Taiwanese coast guard was present.

“World’s fastest elevator: In Taiwan, skyscraper’s lift travels at 60 km/h” [; January 23, 2013]
An article about the fastest elevators in the world. Currently, the elevator in Taipei 101 is the fastest.

“Redefining the Meaning of ‘Chinese’” [NY Times; January 24, 2013]
“Taiwan’s Diverse Literature and History on Show in Two New Museums” [International Herald Tribune; January 23, 2013]
Two related articles about Taiwanese identity in relation to China. The National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the National Museum of Taiwan History, both in Tainan, explore Taiwan’s history, language, and identity. Both articles mention Taiyu, which I’m assuming is the romanization of 台語 and is equivalent to Taiwanese. But in one article it is mentioned separately from Holo, which I thought was also equivalent to Taiwanese.

“Melamine tableware may leach chemical: study” [; January 22, 2013]
The various chemicals absorbed by the body are becoming a large concern in Taiwan.

“World’s first Barbie restaurant opens” [AFP via The Age; January 31, 2013]
Barbie Cafe has opened in Taipei. I have a feeling it will become as much a tourist destination as Hello Kitty Sweets. Hopefully, like Hello Kitty Sweets, Barbie Cafe will open a counter at the Taipei train station.


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