News about Taiwan

“The price is height” [; February 06, 2013]
The Economist charted the admission prices of the world tallest buildings based on height. Naturally, Taipei 101 was included in the list. It actually comes out as the cheapest per meter!

“What Nations Were The Most Forward-Looking In 2012?” [; February 07, 2013]
This article is not directly about Taiwan, but it does show where Taiwan compares with the rest of the world based on a specific index. The reason I have included this article is because the authors of the study decided to use data from the CIA World Factbook to retrieve information about each country’s per capita gross domestic product. I have seen, too many times, studies where economic information is extracted from the World Bank, which does not separate Taiwan and China, even though they have separate economic systems and different currency.

“Is Communist China Executing a Slow-Motion Media Takeover of Taiwan?” [; February 06, 2013]
“Taiwan: Who Misled Noam Chomsky?” [Global Voices; February 04, 2013]
Two articles about the ongoing issue of media monopoly in Taiwan. The first includes background in Taiwan’s history and politics. The author suggests that the U.S. should take a stand and speak out. The second article reflects on how Noam Chomsky became entangled in the anti-media monopoly campaign started by Taiwanese students. It also explores the tie between anti-media monopoly and anti-China. I agree with the author that it is difficult for those outside Taiwan to understand the nuances the issue.

“Taiwan opens for RMB business; but also opens to Chinese banks” [; February 08, 2013]
The benefits and threats to Taiwanese banks now that they have entered the 人民幣 trade.

“F-16s To Egypt, But Not To Taiwan?” [; February 07, 2013]
There are contrasts between Egypt and Taiwan when it comes to U.S. F-16 sales. The author argues that Taiwan should be getting F-16s, not Egypt. I found it interesting that Senator John Cornyn is considering blocking the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense because of the issue. He has previously threatened a hold on a nomination over the sale of F-16s to Taiwan.

“The Next Global Smartphone Revolution: Made in Taiwan” [; February 05, 2013]
An article about MediaTek, Taiwan’s largest mobile chipmaker. There’s background and history about the company and the company’s strategy for future success.


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