News about Taiwan

“Cindy Chao’s Butterfly Brooch Added to Smithsonian Gem Hall” [Forbes; February 16, 2013]
Taiwanese designer Cindy Chao’s Royal Butterfly brooch will be added to the Smithsonian and exhibited as part of the museum’s permanent collection. It is the first jewelry piece by a designer from Taiwan to be added to the permanent collection.

“Film fans in Asia want light fun, make Oscars wait” [Associated Press via; February 15, 2013]
Even though this article covers Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, I like the fact that the author was based in Taiwan for the report.

“Take Taiwan’s road less travelled to Tainan” [The Globe and Mail; February 18, 2013]
It’s not often that there’s a travel piece about Tainan.

“Foxconn Reveals Big Expansion Plans In Taiwan” [Fast Company; February 18, 2013]
Very good news for Taiwan from Foxconn.

“Tourists are mixed blessing for Taiwan” [Financial Times; February 19, 2013]
Tourism is driving the Taiwanese economy, but it’s not always a positive thing. I long for the old days when the National Palace Museum was a peaceful and relaxing place.

“In Face of Mainland Censorship, Taiwanese Revisit Reunification Question” [The Atlantic; February 22, 2013]
Frank Hsieh’s Weibo account was deleted within a day of registration. This has led to various discussions online about the Chinese government, Taiwanese independence, and the split between the Taiwan Strait.

“America’s Pivot, Taiwan and Anti-Access” [The Diplomat; February 22, 2013]
The author argues that Taiwan needs to show that it can defend itself to convince the U.S. to continue defending it. China is going to keep pulling the U.S. to its side and make it difficult for the U.S. to keep defending Taiwan without major consequences.


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