News about Taiwan – 李安 edition

李安 won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Director for the movie “Life of Pi.” Besides articles regarding the movie and the Oscar win, there were also articles explaining Taiwan’s history and Taiwan’s place in the international community.

First, the acceptance speech:

“Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’ cleans up at Oscars” [UPI; February 24, 2013]
A typical article that reflects most of the articles about the Oscar win. It mentions that 李安 was born in Taiwan and his past movies. The article then focuses on the making of “The Life of Pi” with quotes from 李安.

“Oscars 2013: Asia Celebrates Ang Lee’s Best Director Win” [The Hollywood Reporter; February 25, 2013]
The win was highly regarded by people in Taiwan and India. It is wonderful that one movie, one win, can influence so many people. It’s also great to see the respect people are giving to 李安, especially as he is known for his diverse films. The Oscar win is a win for Asia.

“Ang Lee win prompts soul searching in China” [The Hindu; February 26, 2013]
“Sino-Taiwan tension re-emerges after Ang Lee Oscar win” [Variety; February 25, 2013]
Two articles that go deeper into the contrasts between Taiwan and China. The first article explains the regulation system that China imposes on films. 李安 had his own run-ins with the system. Both articles mention that China claimed 李安 and Taiwan as its own in the press.

“Taiwan ‘proud’ of Oscar winner Ang Lee” [AFP via GlobalPost; February 25, 2103]
“Ang Lee & Taiwan: Director’s Oscar Win Sends Waves Of Joy” [AP via HuffPost; February 25, 2013]
These articles mention Taiwan’s history and place in global politics. The win has brought an opportunity to educate people about Taiwan and its complicated situation. Hopefully the win brings about more recognition for Taiwan.

“‘Life of Pi’s’ Oscars give limelight to Taiwan” [The Christian Science Monitor; February 25, 2013]
“Taiwan Celebrates Ang Lee’s Best Director Oscar Win for ‘Life of Pi’” [The Wall Street Journal; February 25, 2013]
The first article focuses deeper on Taiwan and the role the Taiwanese government played in the making of “The Life of Pi.” Both articles report the joy and excitement out of Taiwan at the announcement of the win.

And to finish, an interview from the morning after the Oscar ceremony:


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