News about Taiwan

“Thank You, Xie Xie, Namaste: A Movie Undercuts Old Rivalries” [International Herald Tribune; February 26, 2012]
“The ‘Pi’ Effect: How Ang Lee Boosted Taiwan’s Movie Industry” [Wall Street Journal; March 01, 2013]
“Why Ang Lee’s Oscar puts identity center stage” [CNN; February 28, 2013]
A few more articles from Ang Lee’s Oscar win. I think these articles are particularly important in understanding the feelings of Taiwanese people.

“Taiwanese Filmmakers to Create Opening Night Film for Cannes Sidebar” [The Hollywood Reporter; February 26, 2013]
A very cool opportunity for four young filmmakers from Taiwan!

“The Cold War Meets Taiwan” [The Diplomat; February 28, 2013]
A follow-up to a discussion mentioned in a previous article about Taiwan providing for its own defense.

“Getting to know your World Baseball Classic squads: Chinese Taipei” [Yahoo!Sports; February 22, 2013]
“2013 World Baseball Classic venues: From Fukuoka to San Francisco” [SB Nation; March 01, 2013]
“World Baseball Classic Preview: Group B” [SB Nation AZ Snake Pit; March 02, 2013]
Taiwan is participating in and hosting Group B in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. The first round started on March 02, 2013.


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