News about Taiwan

“Krispy Kreme plans expansion into Taiwan” [News & Observer; March 05, 2013]
Krispy Kreme is planning to open ten shops in Taiwan. This is curious since Dunkin’ Doughnuts left Taiwan not too long ago.

“Taiwan Needs Japan as Much as It Needs the U.S.” [The Heritage Foundation; March 05, 2013]
One of the results from a discussion on U.S.-Taiwan relations was the importance of Taiwan’s relationship with Japan.

“NBA announces international preseason slate” [CBS Sports; March 05, 2013]
The Rockets and the Pacers will be playing at the Taipei Arena on October 13, 2013. I’m sure there will plenty of Jeremy Lin fans at that game.

“Experts: Taiwan’s new visa-free travel a boon to Southern California” [DailyNews; March 07, 2013]
Sure enough, Taiwan’s inclusion in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program will be a big economic boom to certain areas in the U.S.

“Eerie Portraits of Taiwanese Stage Trucks Transport You to the End of the World” [; March 08, 2013]
A very cool set of photos of stage trucks. The lighting is mesmerizing.

“Taiwan’s Massive, Mega-Powerful Radar System Is Finally Operational” [; March 08, 2013]
Taiwan's early warning system for missiles and warplanes is up and running.

“Solar trade war promises order bonanza for Taiwan” [Reuters via The Globe and Mail; March 11, 2013]
Hopefully Taiwanese solar companies can take advantage of their position and start making a profit.

“US, Taiwan Resume Trade Talks” [Voice of America; March 11, 2013]
Taiwan and the U.S. are back at free-trade agreement talks.

“Former MLB star Manny Ramirez signs contract with Taiwan team” [Associated Press via Yahoo!News; March 12, 2013]
Manny Ramirez has signed with the Kaohsiung EDA Rhinos. This is a pretty cool addition to Taiwanese baseball.

Anti-Nuclear Energy Activists Becoming More Vocal in Taiwan” [Voice of America; March 13, 2013]
A report on the anti-nuclear power plant protests in Taiwan.

“Taiwan says it’s not yet ready to discuss military confidence building measures with China” [Associated Press via The Washington Post; March 13, 2013]
I think the title says it all.


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