Win a trip to Taiwan from the Lonely Planet

Screen capture from Lonely Planet’s Taiwan: The Beautiful Isle homepage (taken March 24, 2013)

Lonely Planet is running a promotion titled Taiwan: The Beautiful Isle. The promotion is in conjunction with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The first prize is a trip for two to Taiwan. There are 100 available runner-up prizes, which is a Lonely Planet guide to Taiwan. The contest runs through May 21, 2013. To enter, fill out an entry form on the website, and answer the question “Which of Taiwan’s travel highlights would you most like to visit and why?” in 25 words or less. The website has a nice introduction to some places and points of interests in Taiwan.

I noticed that the website is produced by Lonely Planet for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. There are different sections: Nature, Activities, Sights, Food, Shopping, and Romance & Relaxation. I noticed some emphasis on the outer islands of Taiwan, such as 澎湖 (Penghu), 蘭嶼 (Lanyu), 綠島 (Green Island), 金門 (Kinmen), and 馬祖 (Matsu). I didn’t think the outer islands were major tourist destinations, but I can see how they may appeal to visitors interested in beaches, diving, and hiking. I’m also glad that 台南 (Tainan) seems to have made it to the list of top destinations for food and sightseeing. It is true that English is less accessible in the south of Taiwan compared to the north. But I think people will still be able to get around because of the improvements that are being made to cater to tourists. There is a lot of history in 台南 (Tainan) and it is worth a visit. Plenty of landmarks and delicacies are specific to the area and I think people are missing out if they do not visit 台南.


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