News about Taiwan

I’m changing the format a little for these “News about Taiwan” posts. I’m going to try to combine my thoughts with the article link rather than a list with some commentary afterward. The lists were getting a little boring.

The earthquake in 南投 was the cause for many reports on Taiwan. In the Taiwanese media, it is now called the 327 earthquake, based on the month and date. Most of the reports were out of the newswires, as summarized by this GlobalPost report from March 27, 2013.

I think this article from the Financial Times (March 20, 2013) about gender equality on corporate boards in Taiwan is promising. Although Taiwan ranks behind the West, it is actually ahead of most of Asia in the percentage of women business leaders. It also looks good that gender equality is being encouraged.

The inauguration of a new Pope meant that Taiwan was represented at the Vatican. This was reflected through this Time article from March 20, 2013 and this Washington Times article dated March 21, 2013. The Vatican is one of the few countries that maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

I seem to remember recent articles about 釣魚台 focusing on Japan and China. This Christian Science Monitor article (March 22, 2013), focuses on a deal between Taiwan and Japan to allow Taiwanese fishing boats in the region.

Agora Garden, a twisting tower, has begun construction in Taipei. gizmag’s article from March 19, 2013 has some great images and a run-down of the environmental technologies that will be part of the building.

The deal to buy Next Media fell through and it no longer for sale. The Christian Science Monitor has a good article from March 28, 2013 that summarizes the entire situation, from the initial availability for sale to the concern of media bias.

The BBC has an extensive article on agricultural technology in Taiwan (March 28, 2013). In terms of farming, the article focuses on guava, but also mentions orchids and ornamental fish. Another focus is on the making of 皮蛋 and how technology has helped improve the way farmers inspect eggs.


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