News about Taiwan

The 2013 Taiwan International Lighting Show occurred from March 26 to 29. This report from March 29, 2013 has some highlights and pictures.

The Financial Times has two articles from March 31, 2013 on Taiwan. The first has to do with the success of cross-strait relations has lead to increased security problems for Taiwan. The other has to do with the an increasing problem with wages and the ensuing to brain drain.

United Airlines was originally slated to start SFO-TPE direct flights in April. It then got pushed to June since planes were distributed to other routes after the grounding of all Boeing 787s. Now it looks like the SFO-TPE direct route won’t be available until March 2014.

Travel articles about Taiwan have been popular: The Yorkshire Evening Post (April 03, 2013; travel dates coincided with the Lantern Festival); GlobalGrasshopper (April 11, 2013); NY Times (April 11, 2013); The Guardian (April 12, 2013); The Press and Journal (April 13, 2013).

Global Finance published a economic summary on Taiwan.

Japan gives Taiwan access to areas near the Senkaku Islands for fishing. China is not happy. (April 10, 2013).

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office is sponsoring six secretaries of state from the U.S. for a visit to Taiwan. (April 10, 2013).

The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission has found that that Samsung employees wrote negative online reviews about HTC. (April 18, 2013).

Next Media is selling its TV subunit to ERA Communications. (April 15, 2013).

Both the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal has articles about the TV singing competition 我是歌手 in China that involved singers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. TV dramas from China have been popular in Taiwan. Taiwanese singers and actors have moved to China for work. It’s time for Taiwan’s entertainment industry to step up to the plate and strengthen its soft power.

The Christian Science Monitor has an article about a draft law by Taiwan’s cabinet allowing Beijing to set up a representative office. This is not an simple move for either sides. How close is too close for comfort? (April 16, 2013).

The Atlantic has an article titled “Why Doesn’t Anyone in Taiwan Read Anymore?” (April 05, 2013), which is a good exploration of a recent report that on average, Taiwanese people only read two books a year.


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