News about Taiwan

I didn’t really like the “new format” I used for the last two “News about Taiwan” posts. I think it’s better to have the name, source, and date of the article written out, rather than trying to mention it in a paragraph or not letting you know until you click on the link. I think the date is particularly important, since I don’t posts this daily, oftentimes the article can be up to weeks old.

“Taiwan Reports First Case Of Lethal Bird Flu” [SkyNews via Yahoo!News; April 24, 2013]
“Taiwan watching travelers after H7N9 bird flu case” [AP via KHOU Houston, Texas; April 24, 2013]
“Bird Flu Spreads to Taiwan, Setting Off Alarms” [New York Times via CNBC; April 25, 2013]
These articles were published after the first case of a person with the H7N9 bird flu entered Taiwan.

“Taiwan death penalty branded ‘unworthy’ of ‘highly developed’ country” [The Parliament; April 23, 2013]
“Taiwan: Reinstate Moratorium on Death Penalty” [Human Rights Watch; April 25, 2013]
The Taiwanese government was condemned by worldwide organizations after six inmates were executed on April 19, 2013.

“Southeast Asian Migrants Revitalizing Taiwan Economy” [Voice of America; April 29, 2013]
“Changing times force Taiwan to raise welfare spending” [BBC; April 24, 2013]
“Taiwan: poor GDP will spread gloom far beyond Taipei” [Financial Times; April 30, 2013]
Some articles about Taiwan’s economy. The last two articles paint a bleak picture – an increase in welfare spending as the low-income population increases and a slow in GDP growth. The first article claims a higher economic growth compared to the previous year, with migrant workers in Taiwan filling many jobs.

“After 13-Year Quest, Clouded Leopards Confirmed Extinct in Taiwan” [Scientific American; May 03, 2013]
Very unfortunate news that scientists have decided that the Formosan clouded leopard is most likely extinct.

“Challenge Taiwan makes it debut in May” [220 Triathlon; no date]
“Sound Bytes From The Challenge Taiwan Press Conference” [Triathlete; April 30, 2013]
“Dispatch: A Chat With Challenge Taiwan’s Managing Director Michael Dhulst” [Triathlete; May 03, 2013]
The first Challenge Taiwan triathlon is on May 04, 2013. It is the first race in Taiwan that follows the distances standard in an Ironman Triathlon. The race will take place in 台東.


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