State Farm’s Chinese language advertisements featuring 張鈞甯 and 何潤東

I was really confused when I saw 張鈞甯 in commercials for State Farm. As far as I know, Sate Farm does not do business in Taiwan. So, did they hire a Taiwanese actress to do Chinese language commercials in the U.S.? It took me a while to figure out that this was the case. And there was even a series of commercial shorts with 張鈞甯 (Janine Chang) and 何潤東 (Peter Ho). 張鈞甯 is also now the main face of State Farm’s Chinese language site.

There are four shorts total, which put together a rather cute romantic story. Each short is roughly four minutes. The little drama has enough tropes to fill an entire drama series.

It wasn’t until I saw the “behind the scenes” footage that I figured out what was going on.

It looks like the commercial was filmed in Taiwan. There’s some interesting footage of the crew putting up American signs next to Taiwan street signs. In another scene, the actors film under (what looks like) a freeway overpass while facing Taipei 101.


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