News about Taiwan

“Taiwan rejects Manila’s apology for shooting death of its fisherman, recalls its envoy” [AP via The Washington Post; May 14, 2013]
“Taiwan Recalls Philippines Representative Over Fisherman’s Death” [; May 15, 2013]
“Taiwan recalls envoy, suspends hiring over Philippine row” [BBC; May 15, 2013]
“Why Taiwan refused Philippines’ apology for slain fisherman as insincere” [Christian Science Monitor; May 15, 2013]
“Taiwan Begins Military Drills Near Philippines” [Voice of America; May 16, 2013]
“South China Sea dispute: Taiwan flexes its muscles” [The Guardian; May 19, 2013]
“Philippines coast guard defensive over killing” [UPI; May 20, 2013]
“Taiwanese Crew Hid to Escape Hail of Philippine Bullets” [; May 21, 2013]
“Why Taiwan Won’t Let The Philippines Off Easy” [; May 21, 2013]
Recent articles are mostly about the Taiwanese fisherman who was shot in the Philippines, and the subsequent issue between the governments. Unfortunately this has also resulted in strained relations between Taiwanese and Filipinos – in Taiwan and travelers between the countries. This is going to be an ongoing issue, so I collected what I could.

“Manny Ramirez is still being Manny — in Taiwan” [L.A. Times; May 13, 2013]
An update on Manny’s career in Taiwan.

“As economy and China ties improve, Taiwan can’t find enough volunteers for military service” [AP via The Washington Post; May 13, 2013]
Change in the economy and modern history has changed the way the military is perceived in Taiwan. Mandatory military service isn’t the best. But how will the country defend itself if there are not enough soldiers or military power?

“Take A Tour Of Taiwan Before Its Economy Went Boom” [Business Insider; May 18, 2013]
A look back at 1980s Taiwan.

“Seeking Ideas on the Ground in Taiwan” [The Motley Fool; May 17, 2013]
A visitor’s guide to Taipei.

“Pilots rescued as Taiwan fighter jet crashes, 2nd in a week” [AP via; May 20, 2013]
Two fighter jets have crashed during training exercises. I feel like news of fighter jet crashes come in waves.


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