Taiwan restaurants on The Daily Meal’s “101 Best Restaurants in Asia 2013”

The Daily Meal has released a list of 101 Best Restaurants in Asia 2013. I was pretty excited from the description of the list because it included restaurants from 11 countries. Which restaurants from Taiwan made the list and where did they rank? Out of 101 restaurants, seven were in Taiwan. I had to do some searching to find the original names of the restaurants. I’m familiar with some of the restaurants and don’t know the others.

1. Din Tai Fung (Taipei, Taiwan)
I really don’t know why I was surprised when I saw 鼎太豐 at the top of the list. Truthfully there are corner 小籠包 stores that are better than 鼎太豐. But I do like 鼎太豐 because it is consistent and clean. Plus, I really like watching the chefs prepare the dough and make the 小籠包 – it’s awesome technique. 鼎太豐 has stores beyond Taipei, though. I have heard that the original store is the best, but it’s really hard to get a table there.

43. Tu Hsiao Yueh (Taipei, Taiwan)
度小月 is actually a 台南 institution. It is not originally from Taipei.

50. Nonzero (Taipei, Taiwan)
非零餐廳 serves primarily Western comfort food.

70. Osteria de Angie (Taipei, Taiwan)
Osteria by Angie
Italian food.

74. Seventy-two Beef Noodle Restaurant (Taipei, Taiwan)
七十二牛肉麵 (google+) (facebook)
Beef noodle soup is now a popular Taiwanese dish.

76. La Cocotte (Taipei, Taiwan)
la cocotte,taipei
Serves French cuisine.

86. Hiroshima (Taipei, Taiwan)
The restaurant is also known as Teppan Izakaya

I think it is a good list with a diverse variety of cuisines. I think it shows that Taiwan is a destination for all foods, not just Taiwanese food. The list was a topic in Taiwanese news broadcasts, here’s a couple to watch:


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