News about Taiwan

There are three sources this week: English news sources, blogs, and Taiwanese news sources.

From English news sources:

“So What If Taiwan Funds AEI?” [The Diplomat; June 28, 2013]
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office donates money to the American Enterprise Institute, which advocates for the sale of fighter jets to Taiwan. There was prior discussion that this tie was negative or illegal. This article tackles the issue to prove it wrong.

“Taiwan’s struggle to relight its fire”
An article about Taiwan’s attempts at reviving its economy.

“Internet and Press Freedom in Taiwan”
An anti-piracy bill was shut down by internet advocacy groups in Taiwan. This was one in a string of free media issues Taiwan has dealt with lately.

“Turning Taiwan architectural heritage into a tourism asset” [Travel Daily News; July 02, 2013]
The preservation of cultural and historical buildings has become an asset in increasing tourism.

“Taiwanese film director probed after Chinese cinematographer uses false papers” [AP via CTV News; July 04, 2013]
鈕承澤 is accused of providing fake papers to allow a cinematographer from China onto a Taiwanese naval base.

“Giant Yellow Duck to Debut in Taiwan” [AFP via Yahoo!7News; July 24, 2013]
“Mighty duck heads to Taiwan” [The Telegraph; July 24, 2013]
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman will create a 18 meter tall yellow duck that will remain permanently in Taiwan, in 基隆, starting mid-December. This yellow duck is a bit larger than the 16.5 meter duck currently in Hong Kong. The hope is that the duck will draw tourists to 基隆.

“Ire Over Soldier’s Death Undermines Taiwan Army” [Associated Press; July 24, 2013]
洪仲丘 was a soldier doing his mandatory military training who died after excessive exercise as punishment for bringing a banned cell phone on base. This is an ongoing situation with daily updates. The situation has really brought out activism in the country with many people demanding answers from the military and the government.

“Film Review: ‘The Rooftop'” [Variety; July 24, 2013]
A review of the latest movie directed by 周杰倫 (Jay Chou), 天台 (“The Rooftop”).

“Taiwan: The last outpost of old China” [The Telegraph; July 26, 2013]
A travel article about Taiwan, focusing on the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and Taroko Gorge.

“Taiwan Tourism Revenue Hits Record High” [VOA News; July 15, 2013]
2012 was a record year for tourism to Taiwan.

“China Complains to US on Taiwan Legislation” [AP via ABCnews; July 16, 2013]
The U.S. expressed support for Taiwan’s bid for observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organization, which is an U.N. organization. The organization promotes safe air travel.

“Taiwan Fights to Keep Homegrown Tennis Star” [VOA News; July 17, 2013]
After 謝淑薇 won the ladies doubles title at Wimbledon this year, many feared that she would change citizenship to China for more lucrative deals.

“For hackers in China’s cyber army, Taiwan is a test target” [Reuters via NBC News; July 19, 2013]
Experts from Taiwan say that the island has been dealing with cyber attacks from China for at least a decade.

From blogs:

“Taiwan’s handicap” [The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato; July 25, 2013]
“Reading Orwell in Taipei” [The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato; July 26, 2013]
These two posts are must-reads regarding the current state of politics and societal protests in Taiwan. The first post reminds me about learning about Taiwan’s economic miracle. Apparently when things are done on one’s own, without international intervention, the region does not end up with any international attention, even when things are amiss. The island is now experiencing the same thing with democracy. I’ve always wondered why Taiwan has not receive more attention from international media – and now they might be forced to finally pay attention. The posts also contain a thorough explaination of the ongoing citizen protests about land issues, including 華光 and 大埔.

From Taiwan:

董事長6人合體「一條命」 怪獸抱酒挺兄弟 [自由時報 via Yahoo!奇摩新聞; 2013年7月26日]
若能停止國軍惡整歪風… 董事長:洪仲丘的死就值得了 [ETtoday via Yahoo!奇摩新聞; 2013年7月26日]
These two articles show up under Entertainment/Music, but one important part of the articles are the responses to current issues in Taiwan. The main news is that 董事長 is releasing their ninth album, titled 一條命, which can be translated as “one life.” As people are still grappling with the death of 洪仲丘 (see “Ire Over Soldier’s Death Undermines Taiwan Army” from the AP, above), the band says the album title is a coincidence. Two band members were part of the army for their mandatory military training as well and hope that the situation will shed light on hazing incidents. Also at the press conference was 怪獸 from 五月天, who mentioned the situation in 大埔, where the government is forcing the demolishing of residential homes and small businesses. 董事長 and 五月天 are both bands that started in the underground scene in the 1990s and are now considered mainstream rock bands. I’m glad they are providing an additional voice for societal issues, as well as bringing awareness of current issues to the the younger generation.


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