Occupation of the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan – updated

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English Live from Taiwan’s Legislature

Articles by J. Michael Cole from The Diplomat:
Taiwanese Occupy Legislature Over China Pact – March 20, 2014
Riot Police Crack Down on Taiwanese Protesters – March 24, 2014
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Against Trade Pact in Taiwan – March 31, 2014
Say Goodbye to ‘Peaceful Unification’ – April 01, 2014

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Taiwan Protest Draws More Than 100,000 Against China Trade Deal – Bloomberg
Over 100,000 protest in Taiwan over China trade deal – Reuters
Mass Taiwan rally against China deal – BBC
Large Crowds Fill Taipei Streets in Protest Over China Trade Bill – NYTimes.com
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Against Trade Pact in Taiwan – The Diplomat
Ma Ying-jeou’s point of no return – Taiwan News Online
Does the Sunflower Movement have (or even need) an exit strategy? – The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato
Protests Won’t Undermine Taiwan’€™s Reputation – The Diplomat
Is China Losing Taiwan? – Bloomberg View
佔領國會》被嗆到發怒 張安樂:「你們不配當中國人!」 – 自由時報
Say Goodbye to ‘€˜Peaceful Unification’ – The Diplomat
The U.S. Can Help Calm Taiwan’s Political Storm: Trade talks Friday can help promote stable relations between China and Taiwan. – WSJ
Taiwan’s Indigenous Oppose Trade Deal With China – Global Voices
Taiwan Students See End to Occupation With China Oversight Bill – Bloomberg Businessweek
年輕人並不是革命,只是更正上一代沒做好的事 – Philip Wen’s Tea Talk
Taiwan’s Protests Point to a Deeper Crisis – Bloomberg Businessweek
Inside Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement – Where Asia’s Largest Student Uprising Is Blooming – occupy.com
Debunking the Myths About Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement – China Policy Institute Blog
Occupy the LY (1): How Did We Get Here? – Kharis Templeman
Occupy the LY (2): Why Is This a Big Deal, Or Is It? – Kharis Templeman
Occupy The LY (3): What Are the Deeper Implications for Taiwan’s Democracy? – Kharis Templeman
The Cross-Strait Services Trade Agreement: Executive Order, Treaty, or Neither? – Kharis Templeman
Taiwan’s thaw with China turning to slush – LA Times
To understand the world, you must engage it – The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato
服貿協議有什麼問題? – 清大彭明輝的部落格
Big Page of Sunflower Movement Links – The View from Taiwan
Taiwan anti-China protest exposes island’s nationalist divide – Reuters
Taiwan Protests Can’t Stop China Trade – Real Time Economics – WSJ
Governing Party Figure Makes Overture in Taiwan Standoff – NYTimes.com
反服貿學生退場聲明周4下午6點出關 – 20140407 | 蘋果日報
Ma Looks Down from Orthanc: Winners and Losers Edition – The View from Taiwan
Concession Offered, Taiwan Group to End Protest of China Trade Pact – NYTimes.com
Taiwan Government Says It Didn’t ‘Grasp’ Occupy Movement – Forbes
Cross-Strait Relations in a parallel reality (where economy and politics are separated) – Taiwan in Perspective
In Defense of the Sunflower Movement – China Policy Institute Blog
[太陽花學運] 一個父親,寫給女兒的道歉信─謝謝你們給大人們上了寶貴的一課 – 我的赤膽赤誠赤子之心
佔立院24天太陽花18:07走出議場 – 20140410 | 蘋果日報
Students End Occupation of Taiwan’s Legislature – NYTimes.com
Sunflowers End Occupation of Taiwan – The Diplomat
Taiwan’s Protests: Yes, This Is Democracy – The Diplomat
Sunflowers in Springtime: Taiwan’s Crisis and the End of an Era in Cross-Strait Cooperation – The Jamestown Foundation
Corcuff: Negotiate, or face revolutionaries – The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato
Taiwan’s Sunflower Protests: A Q&A with Shelley Rigger – Dissent Magazine; comments from Letters from Taiwan
大人看不懂「太陽花世代」? – 清大彭明輝的部落格
China Threatens Taiwan’s Reputation – The Diplomat
遭警打頭引發癲癇 新北竟要查是否適任醫師 – 新頭殼 newtalk


Original & updated post from before April 02, 2014:

Typically I don’t like to write posts about ongoing protests in Taiwan until they are over. This way the facts and photos are published already, and I can provide a summary in English. However, it was different when I woke up this morning to the news that protesters occupied the Legislative Yuan after the cross-straight service trade agreement was pushed forward to the legislature without public review. I want to provide links for those of you concerned and want up to date information on the situation.

A White House petition and a change.org petition have been created.

There has been a strong push to publish information through CNN’s iReport platform to make the international media aware of the situation. It’s probably the best place for information in English at the moment.
The thirty-second review and the Occupation of the Taiwan Legislative Yuan (三十秒審完服貿)
Taiwan now in democracy crisis
Dead or Reborn? Taiwanese Democracy
“Occupy Congress!” People in Taiwan Protest against the Agreement on Trade with China
Taiwan Parliament Occupied by protesters 1st time in History
CNN iReports have been organized on the Assignment: Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature page

Ketagalan Media is providing a live blog in English at The Debrief, 3/18/14
There is also an English version of the on-site live blog here.
The blog The Night Before 319 has updates and translations.

The story has been picked up by the international news media:
Taiwan: des étudiants occupent le parlement – Le Figaro
Estudiantes ocuparon parlamento taiwanés en protesta por pacto con China – lainformacion.com
Protesters occupy Taiwan parliament over China trade deal – BBC
Opponents of China Trade Deal Occupy Taiwan’s Legislature – NY Times Sinosphere blog
Unfortunately the article titles are misleading. The protesters are students, NGO activists, and concerned citizens. The issue at hand is not so much the trade agreement (which is contentious), but the fact that it was allowed to go directly to the legislature without public input. Without public input, we do not know what our elected officials are agreeing to do.
Taiwan students occupy legislature over China trade deal – Reuters
A rather unbalanced article about the situation.
Hundreds of students occupy Taiwan’s Legislature to protest China pact – CNN
A pretty good article due to its use of iReporters
Taiwanese Occupy Legislature Over China Pact – The Diplomat, March 20, 2014
The best article to date about the situation
Riot Police Crack Down on Taiwanese Protesters – The Diplomat, March 24, 2014

Many more articles have been published since the violence that occurred in the early hours of March 24, 2014.
The ‘Battle of Taipei’ Shows Just How Wary of China Young Taiwanese Are – Time.com, March 24, 2014
For Taiwan’s Embattled President, Awkward Similarities With Ukraine’s Ousted Leader – BloombergBusinessweek, March 24, 2014
Taiwan: Between democracy and China, and in a hard place – Fortune, March 24, 2014
Protests In Taiwan: A Long-Term Threat To Foreign Trade? – Forbes, March 24, 2014
Protests in Taiwan Over Trade Pact With China: The Painful Challenges of Maintaining the Status Quo – The Motley Fool, March 25, 2014
There are many issues with this article. Please read Michael Turton’s comment at the end of the article.

There are live broadcasts from inside the building:
English version live broadcast
台灣0318反服貿佔領立法院實況 on ustream
Next Media (aka Apple Daily)
There have also been live broadcasts from outside the building (sometimes from different locations):
立法院反服貿 – aggregation of live streams from inside and outside the building
反黑箱服貿-街頭民主大學 3/20 – completed
反服貿濟南路現場 (TEST) – completed
青島東路直播 – completed
青島東路直播 – completed

Organizations that are updating are:

Two 懶人包 (lazy person’s guide) about the situation are:


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