Listen to music from Taiwan on Spotify and iTunes Radio

I’ve been waiting for kkbox to expand beyond Asia, but it looks like I’ll have to settle with Spotify and iTunes Radio for now. There’s a lot of music from Taiwan that is available on Spotify. iTunes Radio is currently only available in select countries, but there are also plenty of artists from Taiwan available through iTunes.

I like to look at the rankings for Taiwan to see what’s trending. I turned off “Hide Unplayable Songs” so I can see albums that are not available in my current country. Then I can try to find if there’s a compatible version available. In some cases artists, albums, and songs are also listed under an English name. I’ve also found some tracks listed in pinyin, which makes it impossible to tell what song it is.

At the same time, there are some surprises. The soundtrack to 九龍變, which is a 布袋戲 (glove puppet show), is available. 布袋戲 is quintessentially Taiwanese in culture and language. There’s quite a bit of modern Taiwanese music too. I’m not familiar with Hakka and aboriginal music, so I don’t know if they are well represented.

I’ve made a gigantic Spotify playlist of music from Taiwan. It’s really more of an library. I wouldn’t try to listen to the whole thing, it’s currently more than 500 hours of music. But if you put it on shuffle, you might find something you may not have heard before that you’d like. There’s rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, Taiwanese, and live albums. There might be duplicate albums because I noticed some albums became unavailable while an identical album would become available. My guess is some albums might have a Taiwan or Asia version and an international version. But I can’t tell which is which anymore because Spotify now tries to replace an unavailable song with an available version.

I’ve tried both Spotify radio and iTunes Radio, starting with one artist and then telling the radio my preferences. My experience is that Spotify will play the artist I start with, whereas iTunes Radio doesn’t and (on the variety setting) will quickly deviate from what I was expecting. I’ve given up trying to teach both services the difference between Mandarin and Taiwanese (that would be an awesome but complex machine learning algorithm). It actually worked on Spotify for a while, but then deviated and I couldn’t get it back. With iTunes Radio I was able to get a station with indie artists from Taiwan. This is definitely not a comprehensive test since I didn’t keep track of the variables. But it seems that both services have a large enough library of music from Taiwan that the radio settings will provide a good selection of music.


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