Have you watched 臺灣吧 – 動畫臺灣史?

臺灣吧 (Taiwan Bar) just ended an eight episode 動畫臺灣史 Taiwanese History Series. I also just realized I never introduced it here. 臺灣吧 showed up online late last year with the plan of introducing Taiwanese history in eight episodes, one a month. The graphics are cute, and the topics are relevant. It took the internet by storm, with plenty of online discussions. Although 動畫臺灣史 has ended, a series on philosophy has started, 哲學哲學雞蛋糕 with 朱家安, and a series on Taipei, 故事.臺北, is in the works.

Obviously history cannot be fully explained in short videos, but it is a good starting point to discuss our history. Each video also includes references on its YouTube page. A lot of this history has been buried and hidden. It is not in textbooks, and not often publicly discussed. I’m glad this series exists as part of the broader goal of finding the truth to our past.


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