Learning hiragana and katakana

The basic syllabaries of Japanese are hiragana and katakana. It also seems to be one of the big stumbling blocks to learning Japanese. There are electronic and physical flashcards, workbooks, and apps for learning the characters from each.

The last time I started learning hiragana, I had flashcards and was doing rote memorization. It was hard, and I did not really retain much.

This time around, I’m focusing on remembering the characters through words. If I can learn and use them in vocabulary at the same time, I think I can remember them better.

dollhouse secrets has a great blog post on worksheets and posters from Japan. What I like about these is that there are examples of a word for each character. Nifty also has similar sheets for writing practice. I like these because the font is what the character would look like when written rather than printed. I’m relying on both these worksheets to learn hiragana and katakana. I think it’s sticking better this time around.

I’ll probably take few weeks to learn hiragana and katakana. Then I’m planning on working through NHK Easy Japanese before moving on to textbook work.


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